Business sectors

Supply of oil products by road.

The company’s sectors

  • Liquefied petroleum gas for combustion and automotive transport and industrial gas.
  • LNG, liquefied natural gas.
  • Unmanned aerial platforms for hire.


The activity carried out by the company consists of the supply of products to customer depots with transport from the most important refineries and port sites in Italy and France, using semi-trailers dedicated to primary transport. The company currently has 151 semi-trailers towed by its own vehicles.

The company also offers product distribution services from customer depots to destinations in Piedmont and Liguria, an activity that is provided using 5 motors.

The company also has 45 specific semi-trailers with a litre counter to carry out partial deliveries to roadside service stations.

Transpe has transported industrial gases for several years. Due to their properties or purities, they must be transported with dedicated semi-trailers to avoid contamination.

Since 2018, the vehicle fleet has seen the addition of 2 cryogenic semi-trailers to transport LNG (liquefied natural gas), with loading in France and distribution across Italy. This activity is expanding and will shortly include another two vehicles.

The proprietary vehicle fleet currently consists of 81 road tractors no older than 6 years, all included in a maintenance programme managed directly by the manufacturer.

All tyres related to towing and towed vehicles are maintained and managed through an agreement with Michelin, for maximum possible control and the best standards of safety.


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